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Mr. Forstner was responsible for the design and development of various software components for the goods management system. The goods management system is a rather complex distributed application based on a standard Java Enterprise Edition Software Stack.

Mr. Forstner got proven excellent professional skills especially in the area of software development. He got a very deep technical knowledge paired with excellent communication skills enabling him to explain and visualize even complex scenarios in a very simple way.

Mr. Forstner was responsible for concept and implementation of various embedded software components used for power management and software upgrades.

Within a very short time frame, Mr. Forstner was fully incorporated due to his widely spread professional knowledge. Even under time pressure in conjunction with tough conditions his performance was constantly good.

Mr. Forstner was part of the Research and Development business unit within our cooperation. Main responsibilities were:

Technical lead for international customer projects

Build and Release-Management providing Continuous Inpgration and Delivery

Technical lead for various software components like psiness Process Management and Web User Interface

Mr. Forstner got a very deep and practice-oriented professional knowledge which he was able to pass on towards other employees and (Junior) Developers. He was a very engaged employee even in difficult situations. His way of communication towards Customers and Business Partners was always characterized by his profession and proven social skills.

After successful completion of his professional training as an IT Specialist for Software Design and Development he was responsible for the system architecture of our core product CBPay. Within his role he redesigned the underlying architecture by mainly transforming the product from a 2 tier system to a 3 tier system.

This successful transformation offered space for additional improvement regarding the usage of new technologies and the whole process of software development. Mr. Forstner designed and extended the existing development infrastructure in order to make use of best practices like Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration.

Mr. Forstner was a very valuable employee for us as well as for our customers because of his reliability and engagement. He is characterized by his high performance and maximum productivity.